" I've learned that you should never hold back on anything. Live in the moment and make the most out of every opportunity no matter how big or small. In other words, when they expect 100%, give them 110! Show the world what you stand for, if not you then who will? "

" I give anyone with dreams my full on support no matter who they are. I have sacrificed a lot to dedicate my life to music and I will continue to knock down every single obstacle in my path until the day I drop, and I put that on god. I want to prove that with strong vision and unstoppable dedication, any individual can do great things no matter your age, race, religion, physical appearance, wealth, or popularity. I stand by all of you! You can fail at what you don't want , so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love."

"Although it can mean different things to different people, Success to me is a very important word. It is what i wake up every morning and work late into the night for and It is what motivates me to dedicate my entire life to chasing my dreams and never giving up. I if were to define "Success", I would say it is the accomplishment of a life long legacy because I won't settle for less."

- Stinson 

Andrew Stinson, known professionally as Stinson, is an American electronic dance music producer, DJ, and Audio Engineer on the rise.

Growing up in Pasadena Maryland, Andrew began pursuing his passion for electronic music at an early age of 13 and has since continued to strive for great success in so many ways. Immediately after graduating High School in 2015, Andrew placed first out of twenty in Ocean City Maryland’s DJ Contest and began an internship with Baltimore’s local radio station; Z104.3, where he was taught the in-and-outs of mixing, broadcasting and the overall means of becoming a professional DJ. Later that year, Andrew attended classes at “The Sheffield Institute: School for the Recording Arts” for six months, earning a professional certification in Audio Engineering by mid-2016. While attending The Sheffield Institute, Andrew began working with local promo street teams and started hosting and promoting his own events at multiple venues in the DMV. Shortly after, Andrew was placed on the DJ roster of Shiny Entertainment and was given a residency at H2O Night Club located in Ocean City, MD.

The sounds of Stinson are recognizable, but hold no boundaries. From bright & beautiful melodies to ground trembling basslines, it is most definitely safe to say that Stinson’s creativity is unpredictable.  This is shown in Stinson’s EP release, “The Rebirth EP” (2016). Each song on the EP has its own significance. Starting with an inspiring cinematic intro, Stinson continues to push the limits of his signature sound by filling the EP with not only a variety of heavy hitting Dubstep, but even a soulful Hip Hop track featuring Kaso. Utilizing all of the new ways to create unheard sounds using modern musical technology, Stinson is determined to deliver the “sound of tomorrow”.

M I N D  S E T


A  B  O  U  T    S  T  I  N  S  O  N